What It’s Really Like to Study Abroad in Australia

Pina Simonetti is associate Italian graduate presently living in port. We’re each recent arrivals to town and have become quick friends once realising we have a tendency to share a love of travel and journey.


As a part of her master’s degree, Pina did a semester of selling and Communication at the University of Technology state capital, in Australia. Having arrived Down underneath in Gregorian calendar month, Pina knowledgeable about the sunniest Valentine’s Day of her life on Bondi Beach, and she or he says it absolutely was unconventional to suppose that Australians were experiencing their 1st term once the summer holidays, whereas she was starting off of the wintry cold of Italian Republic.


The culture shocks simply unbroken returning from there. everyone says it, however you can’t perceive till you are taking the plunge: finding out abroad are some things that changes you forever. This was Pina’s second exchange trip once already having done one in European nation and that i was curious to search out out why she had chosen Australia.


You’d already done associate exchange trip in European nation.  Why did you decide on to try to to another one? Did you’re feeling that this expertise would be terribly different?

I needed to expertise what it might be prefer to leave Europe. though there area unit many alternative cultures in Europe, all of them have similarities. and it’s the Land Down underneath, it’s fascinating, it’s sort of a dream for several Europeans, and it’s on the other aspect of the world. it absolutely was the primary time I had to require such an enormous time distinction into thought.


What was the issue that smitten you most upon inward in Australia?

The first issue they told United States in our university orientation had nothing to try to to with college. Instead, they gave United States a lesson on the way to behave at the beach. we have a tendency to we have a tendency tore told ensure we keep inside the 2 flags that mark the boundaries of wherever you’re allowed to swim (there area unit guys with ATVs and megaphones protective you and ensuring you keep inside the boundaries). we have a tendency to were conjointly told to visualize the signs a day before attending to the beach just in case there area unit jellyfish, pufferfish, etc.


Most importantly: if you’re drowning, stick your hand sedately up within the air, don’t wave it concerning, or folks can simply suppose you’re oral communication hi! it absolutely was super attention-grabbing and helpful however what was very funny was the very fact that they shared this data with United States throughout university orientation.


What was the largest culture shock?

I found the causes of death in Australia terribly… different!  I detected that one in every of the largest killers is falling coconuts. and also the main explanation for opossum death is really pretty sad: apparently, they eat eucalyptus leaves, that build them high, then they sleep off caressing the tree trunks, and that they fall off and die.


In a similar vein, a number one explanation for automobile accidents is car-against-koala.  Most of the cars in Australia have special bumpers to guard against opossum collisions. (Disclaimer: this information hasn’t been fact-checked)


How would you compare the Australian education system with those you were wont to (Italian and German)?

The categories in Australia were very dynamic – one thing novel for someone returning from Italian Republic.  At the top of the semester, our Econ prof command a trifle session with prizes. I won a mug that says “UTS Business” (for University of Technology Sydney).


For another category, I had to jot down associate essay however conjointly build a flyer, therefore I have to be compelled to learn a touch bit concerning graphic style at an equivalent time.


While in Italian Republic (and a lot of of Europe) we have a tendency to place plenty of stress on oral displays, most of our grade in Australia came from exams and written assignments. i feel a decent plan would be to mix the 2 and have grades supported fifty % oral and fifty % written assignments.


In our Communication and Advertising category we have a tendency to had to make a radio show within the recording area. we have a tendency to set to speak concerning the stigma encompassing gay wedding. it absolutely was attention-grabbing to match the various social problems in Australia. I wrote associate essay on immature suicide for one more category, one thing that’s not terribly massive in Italian Republic however quite topical in Australia. It’s attention-grabbing to envision what problems area unit additional relevant to Australian society, particularly as it’s such a large country and doesn’t have as several shut neighbours as Italian Republic.


What was the simplest expertise of your exchange trip in Australia?

I had a blast at surf camp, however I’d have to be compelled to say my favorite expertise was occurring a camper-van trip up the coast towards state capital with some fellow international students. we have a tendency to have to be compelled to see kangaroos and koalas within the wild, and that we snorkelled the nice coral reef.


How have you ever modified as a results of your study abroad trip in Australia?

For the primary time ever, I understood that for plenty of individuals, I’m not Italian, I’m European. inside Europe we actually see the variations between folks from completely different (European) countries; in my previous theologist trip there have been teams of Italians, teams of Spanish, teams of Germans. once there have been international students from overseas, we have a tendency to lumped them along as “overseas international students”.


Now the tables were turned, and it absolutely was a replacement expertise on behalf of me to envision {so many|numerous|such a big amount of|such a large amount of|such plenty of} non-European folks: there area unit a lot of Asian and Indian people in Australia. Being in Australia very bolstered the distinction between European-style, Asian-style, etc. I gained associate awareness of however massive the globe is and a broader thought of however folks move across continents.


Would you are doing it again?

OF COURSE! however I wouldn’t value more highly to live there forever. i prefer the variety of Europe.