How to save money while studying in Australia

One of the toughest factor regarding learning abroad is staying at intervals a budget. Whether you’ve got employment or not, here you’ll notice some tips to avoid defrayal an excessive amount of cash and make sure that your funds is used for your next travels.   #1 produce a budget Not the simplest and fun […]

PRE-DEPARTURE- Study in Australia

PRE-DEPARTURE Your passport to Australia   After you’ve got fastidiously scrutinized Australia’s academic opportunities, selected your most well-liked study destination in Australia and with success obtained a student visa for Australia, for several of you, your visit to Australia can mark your initial visit to the land downunder. a spread of experiences wait you and […]

A comprehensive guide to moving to Australia

You are reading this document which suggests you’re aiming to continue your additional study in Australia from Nepal. If you have got any confusion concerning the method mentioned here do contact our helpline dedicated to students in Nepal.   You want to travel to Australia from Nepal for Studies,   After you have got determined […]